Vehicle Sale History For Packard

Vehicle sales history

The sale of automobiles has had its high points and low points but it has been an overall steady market over the years. From the year 1990 up until 2007, there was no significant drop or rise in vehicle sales. In 2008, sales dropped significantly and this affected the following year. But 2009 to 2016 has witnessed a steady climb in vehicle sales which is a plus for the industry. You should consider the following realities of vehicle sales history to see what is useful for you.

Growth over the years

The industry has been experiencing what is known as year-over-year sales for over five consecutive years. In the entire history of automobile sales, this is the very first record of such a steady rise in vehicle sales.

Popularity of light trucks

Pickups, SUV’s and vans are referred to as light trucks and they have gained quite the popularity in recent years. For the fourth consecutive year, light trucks sold more than cars in 2016 bringing them from 4% to over 60% of the market share. While the sale of cars is declining, light truck sales in ever on the rise and propelling vehicle sales. More than 17 million light trucks were sold in the US market in 2016.

The place of small and middle sized cars

Small cars and middle sized cars have stayed at second and third best selling automobiles so far. They are still contributing to vehicle sales but losing importance in vehicle sales history.

Looking at the future

Professionals have given their expert opinion and it states that vehicle sales in the US are positioned to keep experiencing a rise. The year 2017 is expected to produce similar results like the past few years and has a good chance of even exceeding expectations. Vehicle sales had a steady and strong history until it plummeted in 2008. But the industry has long since recovered and is growing.